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God of War – Ghost of Sparta

The send off story of the game traces all the way back to November 2, 2010, when the last option was formally acquainted with the gaming business under the Divine force of War establishment of handheld control center games. Ghost of Sparta is an action-hacking PlayStation Portable video game that was developed by Ready at Dawn and Sony Computer Entertainment, respectively.

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Positioning sixth in the Divine force of War series and fourth in sort sequence, the game has surface relations with Greek folklore. The interactivity is basically set in old Greece and advances on a vengeance focused subject. The storyline portrays the experiences of Kratos, the game’s hero and the respected Lord of War. Upset by the unpleasant recollections of his physical past, Kratos sets out on an excursion to find his actual starting points.

God of War – Ghost of Sparta | Gameplay

The Ghost of Sparta, like its predecessors, is a single-player gaming quest viewed from a predetermined camera angle. You, as a player, are given the task of controlling Kratos and guiding him through the adventure. Navigating across the Atlantis locale, you get to appreciate puzzle, platforming, hack, cut, and so on., components while fighting the main bad guys. Harpies, Cyclopes, Gorgons, Minotaurs, and Satyrs from Greek mythology are among the ugliest.

In order to progress through the various levels of the platform-based gameplay, the player must swing on ropes, climb walls, balance on beams, and jump across chasms. There are both easy and hard tasks in the puzzle.

Some require you to move a box to clear a path, while others require you to look for collectibles in order to unlock doors. In addition, the quest includes new combat weapons, navigational abilities, and exclusive magical powers not found in any of the previous God of War games.


Kratos could be the angriest game person at any point made. We all know that he killed his wife and child by accident to serve the gods, but his rage has often made me wonder what else might have caused him to be so enraged. God of War provides some insight into this: One of the most enjoyable and beautiful PSP games is Ghost of Sparta, which does an excellent job of fleshing out Kratos’ personality.

Ghost of Sparta, which is set between God of War and God of War II, picks up right at the end of God of War, when Kratos sits on his newly claimed throne and looks appropriately irritable. After all, even though he became a god, he still has disturbing memories of his past. Now, he is plagued by a vision of a sickly old woman lying on a stone slab. Kratos sets out on a quest for Atlantis because he is convinced that he can actually alter this vision. His journey will eventually take him back to Sparta, his home, and into the realm of Thanatos, the god of death.


Beautiful graphics

Lovely illustrations and strong interactivity to the side, where Phantom of Sparta truly separates itself is in its capacity to add profundity to Kratos, who has stayed a generally two-layered character all through the series. He still rages, but as he thanks the Spartan soldiers for serving him well, he also expresses regret and even compassion. In contrast to Kratos’ epic battle with Zeus, who surprisingly does not appear in this game, the game also stands out for its use of lesser-known mythological figures as the game’s main antagonists.

Some functional improvements

Additionally, some functional enhancements have been made, such as the display of button prompts on the side of the screen that corresponds to the location of the button on the PSP and the utilization of the analog nub less in quicktime events, which in Chains of Olympus could be extremely frustrating. Even though the game occasionally pauses in the middle of an action to load, load times are still virtually nonexistent. However, this pause is never significant enough to affect gameplay.

The great voice acting and dramatic music

The game features the most absurd sex mini-game the God of War series has ever seen, in which a whole swarm of women join the action, in addition to the great voice acting and dramatic music that we have come to expect from a God of War installment. In addition, there are more massive bosses than in Chains of Olympus, giving the game a greater sense of scale than in the console versions. After completing the game, there are a number of challenges and the Temple of Zeus, where players can buy concept art, videos, and enemies to fight in the combat arena, a free-play area where they can change the settings and rip apart enemies to their heart’s content.


The classic spear and shield known as the Arms of Sparta is the additional weapon you acquire later in the game. This combination is one of the most varied I’ve seen in the series because it can be used as a ranged and melee weapon. Kratos can either throw the spear at enemies far away or hit them all at once from close range.

God of war ghost of sparta (apk + obb) download ppsspp

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